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    Unanswered: How can i make same registeration

    I integrated the phpBB2 forum to one site but want to make it same registeration and same login logouts. How can i make it. what i have to do? Have i to change the code or what? How to track the code? and How many tables willl alter when we register? Can anybody help out from this? How can i do this give me idea to sort it out?

    ANd whats in the table 'user' user_permissions is showing differently in the database how it is forming over there and for User_regdate column stores as like this 1163004984 how its coming and storing in which format is this?

    and what is salt in this database what is the format of that to store in the database.

    THank you

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    As standard phpBB does not salt hash's, its just a plain md5 hash.

    If I were you I'd rewrite the code so any lookup to the phpbb_user table goes to a specific database / database server, I assume you want to keep everything else separated.

    Anyway - you might have more luck over @


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    Thank YOu i already solved the Problem But Thank You for response...

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