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    Unanswered: Error Message (Form Wizard)

    Hi there, when i use form wizard to help me create a form. I get an error message showing (please view the attached link).

    Any ideas??
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    just a wild one
    someone has the table you are trying to base the form design on open.

    Either you've got it open with the table designer, a query using that table is open

    OR someone else has got the table open or a query using the table open.

    close down all table & query designers, all forms not being used right now, then try again

    its a good reason to develop on a totally separate db form a production db, and ideally only one person be devloping in any one area (you can have multiple people developing access forms & reports but it needs good itner team discipline on booking work in and out.

    there is a possibility that your copy of Access may have got corrupted
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