I would really appreciate some help on a database i'm working on.
I have been asked to create a database at work for a client. Basically it is for a sports club which offers sessions to different clubs.

each club can have upto 6 sessions each session can have up to 6 groups.

so far i have come up with:

Table: Club info
Fields: Name, Club ID, contact, address, tel, mob,email

Table: Session info
Fields: Club ID, Session ID, number of groups, Equipment

Table: Group Details
Fields: Session ID, Group Number, Age, Size, Sex

I created relationships between Club ID and Session ID.

Problem is i have realised that this wont work because the session id will not be unique seeing as each club could have 1-6 sessions, also the same with group table. a club called test could have 3 sessions each having 1 group.

Could anyone shed some light on this?

Please help.