I have an application that uses the DoCmd.TransferText method in MANY places.

Until now this has worked fine as I have several "Specifications" depending on the various structure of the data to be imported/exported.

I now need to (sometimes) use a specific CodePage with the TransferText method as my application will be using "non English" text files (Cyrillic, Hungarian, Japanese to name but a few)

I thought I could simply use the CodePage parameter of TransferText but this does not seem to work as VB will use the CodePage in the Specification definition and ignore the one stated in the VB.

The only solution I can think of is to have multiple Specifications each using a different CodePage! This seems like a ridiculous idea as I currently have 10 Specifications and will need (initially) need 5 different CodePages.
It's hard enough to keep track of the integrity of the current 10 Specifications, keeping an eye of 50 of them is out of the question.

My questions are therefore

  1. Why does the CodePage parameter of TransferText not work?
  2. Can I create a specification WITHOUT a CodePage?
  3. Is there an alternative solution to importing/exporting text files

Just for the record, the only reason that I have so many Specifications is because Access will not read the text files if I simply stated
tab delimited, quotes enclosed, use first line as header
if it did I wouldn't need ANY Specification files, but this is one of those things about Access that REALLY drive me up the wall

Please help before I go mad