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    Cool Unanswered: Storing Time Duration data

    i've got an excel spreadsheet generated everyday which stores the duration of talk time as 0:02:09

    When i use the Integration Services Package to move the data into a table. I've used datetime column. It comes up as 1899-12-30 00:00:02:09.000

    What's best practice to store duration as in a SQL Server table? or should i convert it to seconds.

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    I usually use an tinyint/smallint/int column for this (depending on how long the duration is allowed to be), and not a datetime. if you do this, it's a good idea to add the units onto the column name so it's obvious to others (and yourself!) what the units are, like DurationSec or DurationMinutes, etc.

    IMO datetimes are for storing a point in time, not a duration.

    Incidentally, ms was originally going to ship yukon with a new type called time (and another called date), but those types got cut. so all we have in yukon is (small)datetime. Maybe they'll have them in katmai...

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    Since SQL stores datetime as a data type, the date sets set to a default value when you INSERT the time. If what you are storing is the nu7mber of seconds in the duration, I'd suggest converting to a common unit (e.g., Seconds) and stroing that value in a column of INT or BIGINT. The application can do the formatting for presentation purposes.

    Just a thought...
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