I have a database with a Source Table related to a Product table in a Master/Child relationship. The source table has a SourceID field as the primary key and a SourceName field. The Product table has a SourceID field as a foreign key and is related in a many to one relationship to the Source table (the source table is the one and the Product table is the many).
I have a form used to update the Product table. The form includes Combo Box controls for both the SourceName field (which fills in a Source field in the Source field in the Product table) from the Source table and the SourceID field from the Source table (which fills in the SourceID field in the Product table). I need to know how to automatically fill in the SourceID control based on the selection made in the SourceName control.
I would also like to know how to automatically open a form to update the Source table if I enter a SourceName in the Product.SourceName Combo Box that isn't already in the Source table.