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    Unanswered: OSQL DELETE Using LIKE, with a cascading effect

    Edit: Sorry This is OSQL.

    What I use as my query is:
    "DELETE FROM timerecord WHERE Actual_Time_In LIKE '11.12.2006%'"
    The row of Actual_Time_In is formatted with Date and time (MM.DD.YYYY HH:MMS) sometimes there are ten records and I'd rather not have to remove them from the table one at a time. However, even though I have a record that is '11.12.2006 22:43:00' my delete doesn't work osql states I have 0 rows affected.
    This is only MSDE so I don't have anyother way to open the table.

    Sometimes these records have other records that reference them. Is there anyway to do a cascading delete without it getting to complex?

    Thanks of all your help, I am just a tech support guy beating his head against a wall..
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    do not use like with datetime. use > < >= <=. to have cascading deletes you have to setup your forien key constraints to do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcfascist
    Edit: Sorry This is OSQL.
    I did have my nose up to the monitor first time I saw the thread muttering "is that a Q?".

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