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    Unanswered: VB with Access

    Hi there,
    How can I view the code behind the form in Visual Basic environment? and the form at the same time?
    So if i run the code to see what is happening in the form.
    Any help?

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    VB with Access

    Depending on the VB version - we were (are) able to save the form as ASCII so you might want to try opening it using some text reader (Notepad is fine, though I prefer TextPad, personally).

    All of the VB project files, except compiled references can be read using a text editor.


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    Put a break point at the start of your VB code, before anything has happened on the screen.

    When the breakpoint is reached, simply tile the screens, half of the screen with the form that the user will see, and the other half with the VB code. You can then step throughthe code and see the form changes as they happen.

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