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    Unanswered: Migrate database from mysql to postgresql

    I am working under LINUX. I have created a database in mysql. How can i transfer database from mysql to postgres.

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    take a look at PostgreSQL Migrating from other Databases to PostgreSQL. There are quite a few references which deal with migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL. Note that any of them refer to older versions of PostgreSQL, so don't take the exact directions literally. They do a good job of describing how to perform the job, but unless you're running an outdated version of PostgreSQL (and if you are, you shouldn't be) treat them as general guidelines.

    For instance, I recommend pgAdminIII, which comes with PostgreSQL v8, rather than psql. Later versions also have additional functionality.

    I also believe (verify at the site) that there's an add-on project so that individuals could add some of MySQL's non-standard functions and views to Postgresql, to make migration easier.
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