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    Unanswered: Sql Code Query

    Forgive me if i'm being really stupid but... we have an accounts package (Exchequer) using sql. I would like to use the tables in sql to interrogate the db further. However my numeric fields e.g. Credit Limit are split into 2 fields. One is a smallint type and one is an integer. How do I combine these fields to get an accurate value?

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    they should implicitly convert when you do a FieldA + FieldB, but if they do not use a Cast and do the Cast to the larger more accurate data type.
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    thanks sean,

    Maybe a bit more explanation would help...
    the credit limit field is split into 2
    In sql the values read:
    credlim_1's value : 138
    credlim_2's value : 2046820352

    but if you look at the actual database the credit limit for this is £1,000.
    I'm a bit new to all this cast command and would really appreciate your help

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    i'm gonna guess that one of the two fields is a code for the currency (pounds, in this case) and the other is the value

    although how you get 1000 out of 2046820352 is anybody's guess

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    Sorry but i can't seem to find any logic behind this. Here is a couple of examples:
    Currency Credlim_1 Credlim_2 Actual Credit Limit
    Stg 141 2046820352 8,000
    Stg 138 2046820352 1,000
    Eur 141 998244352 6,000
    Stg 141 1522532352 7,000

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