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    Unanswered: Use main form navigation bar to control subform

    Hi i have a form setup for a repair database, within the form i have a subform that contains loan phones issued.

    I want the subform to be controlled by the main form, ie if i was on the record for say "J Brown" when i click the "loan" toggle i only get the record for his loan phone..

    At the moment the subform seems independent of the main form with its own navigation bar... i'm fairly new to Access 2003 and would appriciate any help i can get.



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    do you have a sample of your form and what you're trying to achieve?

    if i understand correctly, use the Requery command set to a combo or list where you select the required data.

    i couldn't make this work on a subform so i used a single form with the view set to contiuous form and put the combo in the form header.

    I've attached a quick demo, yep its sunday: - i'm board
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