Hi All,

We have two way replication setup in our environment with oracle streams.

what measures can be taken when the other node crashes..

We are thinking of taking the export backup of that schema from the other node and import it at the other node once the database is created on the other side ..

If so do we have to take the export and import with streams_instantiotion=y will this help

Right now we are using this ...
Actually we are using DECLARE
v_scn NUMBER;
source_object_name => 'scott.dept',
source_database_name => 'dba1',
instantiation_scn => v_scn);

So do we need to run all the steps for the adding rules propagation ...

can we disable the apply process on the first node so that it won't give any error .in dba_apply_error.

Please Advice me

Thanks in Advance for the reply ASAP