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    Unanswered: Sql Query Issue - MS Acess

    Currently, I am using MS Acess to generate my query for the form. Basically, I have created an input box to prompt user for an input. What I want to achieve is to allow the user to key in first alphabet and that alphabet will be listed in the table. Ex: if the user enter "ha*". All the field starting with "ha*" will be shown. All the user have to do is to key in the letter and that letter will be displayed using an sql query statement with Like clause. It will take whatever input from the user and list in the tables and sort according to the input.

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    try something like this

    SELECT tabel1.field1
    FROM [table1]
    WHERE (((table1.field1) Like [input]));

    this will ask for [input] i.e a*

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