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    Unanswered: SQL2k Profiler - Tracking inserts and deletes

    SQL 2K - SP3a - Development Box
    The environment is a piece of garbage ... triggers firing triggers firing triggers. Application is a piece of garbage that a developer want to make better (yea!) I need to put together a profile template to capture inserts and deletes into two tables.

    Not asking for the fish (but will accept it if necessary). Looking thru BOL, cannot find find an event class to capture insert and / or delete. Looking at TSQL event class gives SQLStmtCompleted event, and maybe I can filter on the two object IDs (object name not available because dbname not available as data column for this event.) Or if exists, but not documented, the event class for insert and delete.

    Any ideas?

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    just have the trace go into a table, then query against that

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