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    Question Unanswered: Access to MySql conversion

    I am new today. I am trying to undersdand how to deploy existing Ms Access application (developed for local PC) in the Web with MySql. Any good literature for that, any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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    or, do a search on google (or your favourite search engine) for "access to mysql conversion" -- there are only about a million results... | @rudydotca
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    Im confused
    is your problem using the data within the access application, using he data in a web application or using your access application on the web?

    do you want to use a server backend for your existing Access applcation?

    do you want to use the Access data back end (JET/MDB) on a web server?
    ...then you need to find an ISP that provides JET/MDB support

    do you want to use the access application on the web?
    ...if so data access pages (DAP) are probably the way to go, but I've only seen these successfully deployed on an intranet

    do you want to migrate your data from Access (effectively the data is controlled by the default data enginer JET in the MDB file) to MySQL?
    ..then you need a suitable tool such as dbtools, although there are other contenders out there.

    In reality if you are planning on deploying an Access application on the web, then either DAP is the way to go, or more likely you will have to write a whole new application layer using a scritping language like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Python or possibly even Ruby.

    If you expect the web site to be heavily visited then you need to switch to a server backend, Jet/MDB may well have performance problems with many users visting the site at the same time.... which almost certainly means MySQL (unless you have a hefty budget).
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