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    Unanswered: problem with record groups.........

    hi friends,

    i have made a form like this,

    fm_loc to_loc fm_inv to_inv
    --------- ---------- ---------- ---------
    --------- ---------- ---------- ---------
    -------- ---------- ---------- ---------

    each one is a LOV. now i got a problem...
    based on the selection of fm_loc i want to populate the to_loc,
    even to_loc is a LOV. So i want to populate the to_loc LOV based on the user
    selection of fm_loc LOV.

    when i run the form and select one value from the fm_loc LOV in the first record, the to_loc LOV is getting populated correctly for the first record..........but when i am selecting an other value in the second record of same fm_loc LOV, the to_loc LOV is not getting populated according to the changed selection of the user........
    instead it is populating the same list that it has populated on the first record.

    can any one help....................

    thanx in advance

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