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    Question Unanswered: computed columns in oracle


    Does oracle support computed columns in the CREATE TABLE statement like SQL Server ?

    For eg :
    I have the following table in SQL Server

    CREATE TABLE computed_column_table(column1 int , column2 as 100 - column1) ;

    In the above table only column1 needs to be inserted while the column2 will be updated based on the column1 value .

    I want to know whether there is a similar option in Oracle at the table definition level.


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    No there isn't.

    You will need to create a view that calculates that value

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    While oracle doesn't natively support this option, it is easy to do. Simply create an on insert trigger on the table which would perform the calculation and adjust column2. However, if column2 will always be exactly (100 - column1), why would you ever store column2. simply use (100 -column1) in your select.
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    yeah, leave calculations to the front-end.
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    Why store redundant data?

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