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    Unanswered: NLS problem for sqlldr

    There is a datafile with the language of Korea to be loaded to a table using sqlldr. The region of the computer is "China RPC", so the default NLS_LANG is "SIMPLIFIED CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16GBK".
    And the charset of the target database is UTF8, so my workmate also set the characterset parameter in the control file for the sqlldr to UTF8 also, but after the loading, the data in the table are messed up

    I guess for it to work, we may set the value of the characterset parameter in the control file to KO16MSWIN949 (this is the charset for Korea), but UTF8 also support Korea, and when I open the file using MS word, it also tells me that the charset is UTF8. So should we change the setting or just keep it?

    Another question is should I change the region of the OS from China to Korea? Or when we solve some NLS_LANG problem, should we only care the setting of NSL_LANG, or we should also change the region based on the NLS_LANG?

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    I would try setting your NLS_LANG environment variable in the CLIENT prior to call sqlldr to UTF8.

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