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    Populating an Image with Data

    Any input or ideas will help on this problem.

    I am going to create a db, which will be populated with an employee's name and location of their office/cube(ex. Bob, 1201a). I have a graphical template of each floor of the building. Now I want to take this image and populate it will all the names of the employees. So when it is done I will have the floor plan and in each cube/office image the name of the person should be in it.

    Any idea of how I can do this? Maybe using Visio or some other tool? It is going to be online and I would like it to be one big image, it should also be created dynamically (meaning if I change the location or name in the db it should be automatically shown in the image).


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    There is an image manipulation library that I user some years back (with VB) that allowed programatic insertion of text into an image. The product was ImageKnife. I just Googled it and it seems to have moved to and had a name change.

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