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    Unanswered: interface question: form template


    what is the best way to make the format of several forms identical, i.e. all text boxes , fonts, etc. and also the size of the form?


    My form contains tabs, each linking a subforms with related info to the field on the form. Each subform appears to be of different formats/layouts because they were created separately. How do I make all subforms of the same size and allignment, like when you open a tag the info should appear in consistent/uniform way. Can I create a template or a piece of code that will overwrite existing settings without going through each form and manually alligning all the fields? Data is irrelevant.


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    Ideally Id suggest doing it as part of the form design

    However you may be able to set the form sizes from the parent form. then call a function in each sub form that sets each controls attributes.

    On second thought do it through design, accept the pain of revisiting every form and control but do it now, and stick to the design throughout the whole application, and ideally throigh every application you or your colleagues do for the same institution. Just because Access allows you to tinker with all manner of presentation elements doesn't mean you have to.

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    For future reference, you can save a form's design (colors, fonts, etc) as a custom style and then use it for subsequent forms. Won't help you here, I don't think, but keep it in mind for future use.
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    Missinglinq, how do I save a form in a custom design and is there a way to apply that style to all forms ?

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