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    Unanswered: save action cancelled

    Hi All, I have a MS access 2003 database with a SQL backend. One of my forms have a save button on it. I also have a email funtion in the form. I put it on the network and it worked fine. Records were saved and emails were sent. All of a sudden, I have users calling me stating when they click the send button to send emails, nothing happens and when they click the save button, they get an error "save action cancelled". As I stated before, it was working and some have emails to prove. I don't want to touch the code because I didn't make any changes. What can this error be coming from and how do I get the Save button and send on the email form to function like before?
    Please help. Thank you

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    if it used to work, and no longer does, then I'd suspect your Network Trolls have changed something, either user profiles, email clients, updated the Office package. Forst stop would be to ask them nicely what they did on or about the date the emails stopped being sent. I've always found such Trolls very helpfull (usually only if you grasp them warmly by the throat and use a baseball bat as an aide memoire).

    Id suggest you put some debug code around the function that sends the email and find what the actual error message Access is dying on
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