Hi Everyone!
I'm new to this forum.

I have design issue im figting with at the moment and maybe someone could give me few good ideas.
I have SQL Database, in there i have Products table whitch is linked to many other tables in the database. My question is what would be the bes way of introducing Multiple Tare Weights for a product, if every tare is also as a product, like i would have products:
1 - Fishe Ears
2 - Fish Legs
with product type lets say 6.
In the same table i will have othere products with type 10 that would be as tare products. Each normal product can have multiple tare products assigned to it:
3 - Tray
4 - Box
So i put 20 Fish Ears in Tray and then 10 Trays in Box.
As we know products can be eather fixed weight or catch weight if we talk about food industry. Eache product in table has a column TareWeight but that dooes not help much.

What do you peaple think about this situation, some suggestions?