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    Unanswered: Employee Database

    Does anyone know of a free Microsoft Access database out there that is pretty much ready to go that would include employees information and to keep track of ongoing training that the employees take etc.
    If not can someone help me muttle through the one Im trying to create? Once started is it ok/possible to copy and paste tables, forms, reports from one database to another? Also is it ok to rename tables, forms, reports anytime? Im fairly new to Access. Thanks for your help.

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    you need to plan what data you will require and how it will be input. once you have decided this you will need to decide how many tables you want and how many fields you want in each table.
    the forms are then linked or BOUND to the either the tables, or queries that contain the information that you want to either enter, update or view.

    once you have started it is not easy and not recommended to change table names, you need to get it right to start with, otherwise the forms that are based on the table names will no work because they will be looking for a table name that is nolonger there.

    if you are completely new to access then you might want to look at some of the templates that come with access to see how they work.

    there are a few good books that will give you step by step instructions on building tables, queries, forms, reports and table relationships.

    first read "the dummies guide to access" and no i'm not kidding".

    good luck

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    The Northwind database that comes with MSAccess might get you started.
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