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Thread: Strange error

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    Unanswered: Strange error

    I have one PC with SQL server 2000 and I am working on one database called TaxReg but today I found it gray and (suspect) beside it
    could you please tell what is the problem and how to fix it ?

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    Humm... you need to check given points, any one reason could make your database suspected.

    1. Insufficient security privilege (a Rare & manual changes, because previously your database was running).
    2. Database files .mdf or .ldf is deleted.
    3. Database files .mdf or .ldf is renamed.
    4. Your hard disk is corrupted.
    Rajesh Patel

    Everybody says - mistake is the first step of success, but it's not true. The correction of the mistake is the first step of success.

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