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    Unanswered: Efficient best sellers list

    I need to display a best selling product list but I'm clueless as to the best implementation. It would be either on a monthly or a weekly basis (monthly to start off with, then weekly after more sales occur). Would it be easy enough to pull the records with the most occurrences in the tables?

    As an example, something like SELECT * FROM items, sales ORDER BY OCCURRENCES(item_no) DESC

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    if you want a best sellers list, then the time period is failry irrelevant to the query design, althouygh it is important to the way you use the information.

    I'd suggest you have a look at the SQL aggregate functions such as count

    this may be of help

    you can then apply your date band using a where clause

    you may want tio consider a LIMIT, pulling off the top n or top n%.

    So I'd expect something like
    select ISBN, booktitile, author, count(ISBN) as NoSales, Sum(SalesValue) as SalesAmount from BookSales purchasedate>=xxxxxx and PurchaseDate<=yyyyyy group by ISBN order by NoSales Desc Limit zzz
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    I've been hunting and experimenting and this seems to work perfectly for me:
    $query = "SELECT *, COUNT(cat_no) AS occurences FROM sales_digital GROUP BY cat_no, trk_no, disc_no ORDER BY occurences DESC LIMIT 10";


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    if it seems to work, then it only seems to work

    you're going to get one row in the result set for every unique combination of cat_no, trk_no, disc_no

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