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Thread: Labels in forms

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    Unanswered: Labels in forms

    I do have a problem with an Access application i dont have developed myself.
    I have a form with several unbound subforms. The datasources in the subforms is ordinarie tables.
    The subforms is wiewed as datasheet.
    Now the problem:
    I cant change the capture on the fields labels. In the tabledesign I have set the titles on the
    fields and when i create a new form i do have the titles as i want to. But, when i
    wiewe the form as datasheet the capture of the labels will be the same as the name of the fields datasource(even if
    I change on the forms too).
    As I said, I have not develope and create this database appl.myself.
    Anyone able to help??



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    ?? maybe alias the source fields via a query:
    SELECT tblMine.[unwanted ugly field name 12345] AS NiceName FROM ....

    NiceName: [tblMine].[unwanted ugly field name 12345]
    if you are building the query in design view.

    ...and feed the form from the query rather than direct from the table.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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