I have my database application in 2 servers.
1. HP ML530 with 1 processor 4GBRAM 2HD 80GB Mirror and 3HD 80GB with Raid5 and 1 spare HD. A 128MB Raid Controller is used (Don't actually remember the model right now). Windows 2000 server.
Database Backup size: 7,3 GB
Backup time needed: 5minutes the most

2. Dell PowerEdge 1800. 2 XEON 3GHz processors. Array controller Perc4/SC 64 MB Ram. 2HD 80GB Mirror and 3HD 80GB with Raid5 and 1 spare HD. Windows 2000 server.
Database Backup size: 4,3 GB

When the second server was purchased I was informed ny the company that Dell was not working well with MSSQL and Raid and therefore the initial setup was with Mirroring 3 HD sets. The HP model was purchased afterwards. It was initially setup with Raid 5. After sometime working with HP I was impressed by its speed and performance. The backup of the 7,3 GB happened in less than 5 minutes, while the backup of the Dell database 4,3 GB is completed in more than 10 minutes. I got very angry, and I thought it was foolish to say that Dell with Raid controller is not working well with MSSQL 2000. This weekend we decided to install Raid 5 (2 HD with mirror and 3 HD with Raid 5). I installed the MSSQL with no problem and tried to restore the database. Typical times where under 30 minutes. I have restored this database hundreds of times in my laptop and in my desktop computer.

I waited and waited the restore to start by drawing the first bar of the progress bar with no success. I waited until 40 minutes. Initially I thought thet MSSQL is not working. After dozen of tries the next day I installed the database in a ML150 with Raid5 and 1GB Ram in 35 minutes and also tried again on Dell. This time I left the restore procedure to occur a long time. I was surprised to find out that the restore procedure completed in Dell in 1 hr and 20 minutes.
I got crazy. Is it posiible a Dell server computer with value nearly 6.000 Euros to have this performance?
Tomorrow I will contact Dell, but I want to know if someone has a similar experience or someone is working with MSSQL and Dell Poweredge and if there are some tips and trics that we should do in order to correct this unacceptable performance.

Best Regards,
Manolis Perrakis