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    Unanswered: Help!!!!

    I am not real database savvy and have only used Excel as a database. Here is my dilemna and I am seeking advice. I am in charge of setting up a database to allow for analysis of restaurant menus. There are a total of 9 menus to start. Each menu contains descriptions of the item which is included in the databas. I then have to break down each description to include proteins/main component, sauces, accompaniments, etc. So, for example, if one of the 9 menus has a total of 55 items, a menu description would be included, as well as the breakdowns. If the description has more than one accompaniment, I have placed each accompaniment on separate cells underneath each other in Excel. My goal is to be able to sort the data and determine how many bleu cheeses, for example, have been used in all of the menus being analyzed (there are 9 in total). I want to do it by percentages and include the proteins/main component, sauces, accompaniments, etc. I also want this to be user friendly so I can pass it on to someone else and not have to give them extensive lessons on how to use it. Can I do this in Excel?

    Someone told me this would be better to do in Access. I've never used Access and is it a common enough program that if I needed to pass the database on to a client, they would be able to use it? I came across your forum and thought maybe there are some suggestions out there on how to best do this.

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    Smile Starting in Access

    You have several options available to you.

    1. Attend a college course on Access
    2. Read a book on Access.
    3. Hire someone locally to do the project for you.
    4. Use RentACoder or some other online coding service for your request.
    Greg Finzer
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    greg, re: option 1 -- doesn't this post sound like a homework assignment? | @rudydotca
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