Hi all

I am having a problem in a crystal report I am developing. I am using crystal reports 10.

What I am trying to do is display the records of a field horizontally rather than vertically down the page.

The field I am using is a string field that lists prize types. As below:
Field name: Prize type:
Record 1: highly commended
Record 2: 1st prize
Record 3: 2nd prize
Record 4: 3rd prize
Record 5: sash
Record 6: trophy
etc etc.

What I am trying to do is create a list of these prize types that prints across the page rather than vertically like so:
Prize type: 1st prize, 2nd prize, trophy.

The main report is already formatted for 2 columns.

I tried doing it as a subreport that is formatted for say 10 different columns and inserting that into the main report, however because the number of prizes varies for each group that it will print the rpize types for, it is difficult to say exactly how many columns will be needed in each group. It would vary.

I also tried inserting it as a cross tab, however I didn't have much luck displaying it in a nice looking format.

The other option I looked at, which kind of worked a bit, was using a formula using the next() function. So this worked for the first and then second record, but I couldn't then go on to make a third and fourth record display. Is there a function that you can use like next() that will display specified record numbers??? Doing a next() of a next() function would work although it wont let me do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.