I have a project that has some unique requirements and am hoping that someone has some recommendations:

  1. The application has only one table in the database
  2. Each row would be 188bytes
  3. One one thread would write to the table
  4. Up to 10 threads would read from the table at a time
  5. The database should be self maintaining (nobody with any database skills will be available to truncate logs, etc.)
  6. The database should be able to grow to 40gigs (216million rows)
  7. The database should be very lightweight on system resources (low memory and CPU utilization)

The only database that seems to be a perfect fit for this is Microsoft's Jet database, but I recall it has a 2gig limitation (or am I wrong?).

I thought that Jet was used to power Microsoft's Exchange server? (way more than 2gigs!)

Does anyone have any lightweight databases that I should consider instead of Jet?