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    Unanswered: VB is stumping me

    Hi - Appreciate you taking time to read....

    Through a comedy of nonsense, I replaced Office 2002 with Office 2003 on my PC (using the CD's from my newer laptop). When I did that, VB stopped working with my access database - it was fine before. So, I reverted back to OFfice 2002. VB continues to fail. VB will launch from access, but as soon as I try and make an edit - it crashes.

    The event viewer faults the msaccess.exe application and the vbe6.dll module v I have re-loaded the .dll and verified that all updates and SP's are current.

    Still not feeling the love, I compared hash values with the .dll and other files on my laptop (which is Office 2003 and access/vb is working fine). All hashes were identical, except vbe6ext.olb. I don't know enough about the .olb file to know if this matters???

    I am out of troubleshooting ideas....

    Any thoughts? Thanks much,

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    is this VBA you're talking about? Not VB6 or VB.Net?
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