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    Unanswered: key word search for articles

    Hiya, first of all, it s a great forum you guys have here. I've been browsiing it for the past year or so to help me with my Computing A-Level (Exams in England for 16-18 year olds). I'm just having a problem with a piece of work im doing.

    I'm meant to have a database which holds all of my Politics teachers teaching material which includes webpages, word documents and photos. I have the query for searching working fine, but to refine the search i'd like to add a keyword search, which ewither searched the actual documents in the database, or ones which can be added when adding the article to the database. (however one which actually searches the indivisual documents would be much better.

    Does anyone know how to handle this?

    Many thnaks,


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    I suppose it depends on how you want to use a keywords approach.... do you want the user to define keywords (eg at initial capture, whilst viewing or reviewing data), or do you want to maintain a list of key words and then search for that in the text sources (effectively index the keywords). if you are using JET as the backend there is nothing stopping you using the LIKE predicate in SQL (except it will hammer the processor, if you are not using JET then you will need toselect the index type carefully to make sure it supports indexign of large strign /text columns), Ber in mind you can use a mix of phrases in LIKE eg WHERE (WebPageData Like "?Blair*" and WebPageData Like "?Liar*") OR WebPageData LIKE "?Labour*" and WebPageData Like "?Corrupt*". you need to make sure you use the correct wild card characters for your database (access uses ? & * by defautl but can use ANSI SQL characters like %

    An issue to consider is performance, which will depend on the amount of information the application has to search.

    if you want to index the keywords, then it may make sense to do it as a batch job (say every night, after backup). Id probably set a flag in the record so that you aren't rescanning the whole library, only for those docuemnts that are new or changed), you might also want to consider how you cater for new keywords.
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    Ideally, there would already be some keywords which I have defined, and the article automatically matches itsself up against them and after that, they can be searched for.

    A boolean search would be a great little feature too.

    New keywords would not be a problem, as i know what they are and they won't change so my problem is i think more simple then your answer, i hope so atleast!

    performance wise, this doesnt need to be too fast or too accurate, a few slightly irrelivant results can come back.



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