oXygen XML Editor 8.0 (http://www.oxygenxml.com) added support for IBM DB2 9 database (available in Enterprise edition).

It provides a new Database perspective with a Database Explorer view that can be used to browse the database structure in a tree format and a Table Explorer view that can be used to edit the table data. You can run SQL interrogations over the database with support for SQL parameter markers that can be configured into a scenario.

If you are using the XML data storage and retrieval features from IBM DB2 you will be able to edit the table content of an XML type directly in the oXygen XML editor. There is also support for SQL/XML and XQuery interrogations as well for XSD schema view/registration/unregistration.

The configuration for DB2 support is simple, you need to configure a DB2 datasource and a connection based on it:

oXygen is available on almost any platform both as a standalone application and as an Eclipse plugin.
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