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    Unanswered: how can i extract date from datetime

    hi sir
    i m using vicidial.i have a CRM project in which i can access the asterisk database.but i have a problem in accessing some records


    in the vicidial_agent_log table event_time fields datatype formate is like that
    2006-09-15 00:00:00 but that formate not supported by VB.NET.
    so how i can access only date from this.

    i was trying with changing datatype DATETIME to DATE.but by query it takes default time 12:00 AM automatically.

    can u have some guidence ,about that how can i extract only date from datetime


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    if you need the date in a sepecific format consioder using the the date formatting within MySQL as part of the SQL. I wouldn't normally suggest doing that as you risk loosing the abilitiy to sort on the date column or use it as a value in the front end.

    It should be possible in the extract the data from MySQl in a foramt that VB.NET can use
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