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    Unanswered: SQL Server Text fields display empty


    I posted the following in the SQL Server forum, but it's possible that something can be done on the ASP side to fix the issue:

    I'm importing an Access database to SQL Server 2000.
    The issue I ran into is pretty frustrating... All Memo fields that get copied over (as Text fields) appear to be fine and visible in SQL Server Enterprise Manager... except when I display them on the web via ASP - everything is blank (no content at all).

    I didn't have that problem with Access, so I ruled out the possibility that there's something wrong with the original data.

    Is this some sort of an encoding problem that arose during database import?

    Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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    You mean that you can view the data inside Enteprise Manager but its not viewable on the browser?

    Post your code!


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