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    Unanswered: About SQLError, sqlcode = -255 , sqlerrd[1] = 0

    Dear All,
    Please help me on the following issue:

    I found the error "SQLError, sqlcode = -255 , sqlerrd[1] = 0" in the log file. Can you please let me how can I get the problematic SQL statement. I cannot see the sql what caused the error.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    OK, can you tell me in which logfile the entry occurs, does it give information about the program where and/or instance when it occurred? And can you repeat the situation that generates the error? The onstat utility can provide insight in the SQL statements last run by the active sessions. For that you must know the id of the regarding session. At runtime you can get the active session id's with
    onstat -g ses
    run from the command line. This produces a list with session id as the first column. With the right session id you should run
    onstat -g sql session id
    which shows the last parsed SQL statement by the session.
    But for this the session must still be active after the error occurred and if the error causes the program to abort you have a problem.


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