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    Unanswered: abusing autonumber

    Hi - I use autonumber to assign SNs to my coins in a coin collection db. I have since deleted some entries and created "gaps" in the numbering. I could just define a new field with autonumber, but that will throw everything off - after the first gap. Any other strategies to fill in the gaps with new entries?
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    thats not the way autonumber works
    if you must have a sequential series then you need to implement your own mechanism to get the number, rather than rely on the db to do it for you. The whole purpose of a system generated number is that it has no meqaning outside the system.

    consider using the max() clause in a select statement to find the current highest number.

    if you want to find missing numbers then you need to do some more work
    you need to open a recordset, iterate through each row to find a gap, and return that number.

    If the app is to be used in a multi user environment then you need to do a lot more, to ensure that you dont get more than one user trying to use the same number, by using table locks.
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