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    Unanswered: SQL0332N Error "There is no available Conversion.."

    Hi everybody

    i've searched the forum and have found similar topics but it did not help me ..
    because of this , i opened this topic sorry

    I manage a software which uses DB2 Version 7.1.
    There is a server too . Windows 2000 Server and the DB is in server in V.7.1 too.

    from my laptop ( db2 client v.7.1 ) i can connect the DB but from another
    laptop i can not connect the DB and have these MesSage

    The Connection test failed.
    [IBM][CLI Driver]SQL0332N There is no available conversion for the Source Code page "1254" to the target code page "1252". Reason Code "1".
    SQLSTATATE =57017

    I have installed Service Pack 3 - 4 and 8 but i did not helped .
    I 've also found a help in forum and wrote the following line in SQLLIB folder
    db2cli.ini file


    it did not work again.
    how can i solve my problem , can you give me a clue ?

    Many many thanks in Advance

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    it means that the code page 1254 on your client can not be translated to codepage 1252 (international) because db2 keeps translate tables for specific codepages in specific groups
    there is somewhere a doc in that states who can talk to whom
    you could change the codepage for db2 (installed in this local cp)
    db2set allows to set the codepage : db2set db2codepage=...

    see info center for detail on this
    there is also a doc in devworks talking about similar cases : see :
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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    Hello again Mr.Przytula

    i chechked the Web Page , which you send , and made the directions ( updated language settings ) and my Test Connection is succesful now .
    Thank you again for your Help ..

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