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    Unanswered: mount points

    I know how to create mount point in windows 20003 cluster, I am not sure how
    to set it up with SQL 2005 running on the cluster.
    Does sql need to be dependant on any of the disks? I have tried looking for
    a guide, but cannot find.

    current setup active active cluster running. I need to add san space which
    will hold the databases. The san will be carved up into drive letters. each
    drive letter will hold 3 mount points.
    node 1
    J:-2 mount point
    k:2 mount point
    l:2 mount point

    node 2-
    r:-2 mount point
    s:2 mount point
    t:2 mount point

    each node would be able to own the disk if the other node failed over.

    any help is appreciate. I have tried books online etc.. cannot find a good
    step by step.;


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    I can only answer one of those questions. SQL Server does need to be dependent on the disks in resource group, but the SQL Server setup will take care of that for you.

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