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Thread: subset of BLOB

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    Question Unanswered: subset of BLOB

    Hi there,

    I have a column which is byte(32375), my understanding is it is a blob with binary data. Since it only contains large text, my question is can I get a sub string of this column?


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    BLOB columns require special
    handling and so can only be handled in ESQL/C, ODBC, or 4GL programs which
    means that you cannot display a BLOB in dbaccess, perform, or ace. You
    also cannot include a BLOB in a where clause except as a substring

    blobtable (one text)
    in dbaccess:
    select one[1,4] from blobtable
    blobtable1(one byte)
    in dbaccess:
    select one[1,4] from blobtable1
    one <BYTE value>

    So it look like you can get a substring of you column whe you change it from
    byte to text ( TEXT and BYTE are actually
    treated the same by the engine)

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