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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2000: TCP/IP doesn't seem to work

    I have the following situation: A webserver in a DMZ which connects to a DbServer in a Domain.

    but when I try to make a ODBC connection on the webserver I get the well-known "Server does not exist or access denied" error.

    I tried using IP address as well as FQDN. I turned off the firewall in the router (I'm able to access shares and what not from the webserver so the firewall is really turned off).

    I think however i have narrowed down the problem to the TCP/IP connection of the SQL Server. Normally when you try from a command prompt
    "telnet dbserver 1433" you get a connection. But when I try this to the specific DbServer I get an "unable to connect" error. Even when I try it on the dbserver itself (so telnet localhost 1433). This should work always?

    In the network configuration of the sql server the Named Piped as well as the TCP/IP protocols are enabled. TCP/IP is offcourse configured on port 1433.

    How can I fix this problem?

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    so i guess there's no solution to this...

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    If the hardware doesn't work, the software can't work. I don't know of any fix for that.


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