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    Unanswered: DB Size - Urgent help please

    Hi all
    Last week I was moving my site to a new server
    My SQL database in old host without Log file was 180 MB, and after shrink it became 170 MB,
    I asked my old host support to give me DB back up for moving to new server, it was friday and they told me we will do that on monday, but I wanted it soon, so I logged in ino Enterprise manager to my old server sql, and also I opened connection to my new server sql ,I go to Export Wizard of my database on old host so I chose to export all of the tables from my database on old host to a new database on new server,
    it took about 2 hour (with a 128 kb net connection) after finishing I tested the new database it was working fine and all of the tables and rows was in new database,
    but some thing that is wondering is the size of the database the new database on new server is 109 MB now
    why ?
    I have shrinked the old database and without log files it was 170 MB so why on my destination database its 109 MB , and very thing is working fine
    I want to know what was in old database that increased file size about 60 MB ?
    and can I use my new database which its size is 109 MB ?

    Please tell me soon , I need that

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    Are the tables themselves all you need. If so, then apparantly you're ready to go. If not, then you're probably not ready to go.

    Copying all the tables from one instance to another is not the same as copying the whole database....
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    tell me, what it has that I didn't copy ?

    I also use stored procedure and views, but I have copied them also,
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    somebody help me

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    The only way I know to effectively help you is for you to post a copy of your database for us to examine. You told us that the copy is smaller than the original, which implies that something is missing. The only way I know to figure out what is missing is for one of us to repeat the process you've described, veryify that we get the same results, then figure out what is missing.

    What you are asking is kind of like playing "Where's Waldo" via posting... If we can't see the picture, there's very little hope that we can guess where Waldo is. Without access to your original database, I don't know of any way that I'm willing to pursue to help you solve the problem.

    One thing that might help you find the more obvious and potentially serious problems would be to script the database objects out to a text file for both your source and destination databases. You could then compare the scripts to see what objects (tables, indexes, views, procedures, etc) are missing. If all of the objects are present in the destination, then it is highly unlikely you are missing anything important.


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    if you go the scripting route for comparison, you can use scriptdb to script out both all objects and data in any 2000 or 2005 database:

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    I can see two possible reasons

    1) No indexes were brought over from the old database. I don't believe the export data wizard brings indexes over. You may want to check for that.

    if the indexes were brought over, then

    2) Index defragmentation has occurred. All the empty space in the individual data pages has now been reclaimed. FOr more information, google around for defragmentation.

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