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    Unanswered: Problems with express

    I recently downloaded 2005 express. I am able to create a new database fine. But how do I take an existing database (created elsewhere) and make changes to it? For example, I want to make a copy of my mdf on my website and manipulate the data and design on express, then copy it back to the ftp server. What is the easiest way?

    If this is a limitation of 'Express', can I do this with 2005 'developers' editon that costs $49??

    Help please.

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    You can backup a database from SQL 2000, then restore the database onto SQL 2005, but I don't know of any way to go back reliably. The SQL 2005 database engine supports (in many cases demands) structure changes that SQL 2000 can't support.


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    Easiest way is to make changes to a database where it sits, without moving it all about. What sort of changes are you talking about? Is this in order to create a development environment of some sort?

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