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    Unanswered: report margin

    I got 100 reports existing. Now I found that I need to have a page
    header with company logo in all the reports. I already figured out how to
    use coding to generate the header and logo to each report. But the top and
    bottom margin is not right and existing control need to move down for the
    new company logo. Instead of going to 100 reports and change them manually, I wonder if I can use code or macro to do it automatically. That's my scenerio. Hope anybody can help. Thanks.

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    Can anyone please help? Thanks.

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    try to change the hight of the page width


    Sorry I have a german Office I don't know what is called in the english office
    try Pagefoot or PagefootArea
    or type Me. in the report VBA and go through the properties of the report

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