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    Question Unanswered: Change DataType Using Macro??

    Hello (I am new to the forum!!!)

    This is for my employer.

    Using Access 2003, I import a CSV file (using Specification Settings) that has a fixed text length of 10 char. (ex. " 7890")

    Right now, I am setting the datatype to "integer", that trims any spaces before the text.

    But, I have to convert it to text manually because of another table (that I join to) that uses this number as text.

    Q: Can I change the data type using a macro??

    I am automating the entire inporting process and need to do it using a macro or code.


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    consider leaving everything alone, but instead convert the number to a string in the join. not sure if it will work... no doubt Rudy will pull me up yet again if its wrong
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    I figured a way to do it.

    I made another table called "Table1_Empty" that has the datatype change and run the macro this way.

    1) DeleteObject (Table1)
    2) CopyObject (copies Table1_Empty to Table1)
    3) TransferText (imports CSV file and copies to new Table1_Empty)

    Thats it!!


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