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    Unanswered: set the on_loan field in the DVD table to true (was "Hire System Help")

    I have two tables, one named Loan and one named DVD Details.

    On my DVD details table i have a field name, on_loan with a data type yes/no.

    I have created a form called LoanForm where i want to select a DVD with a combo box,

    then select a Set loan button that will set the corresponding DVD on_loan field to yes(true), in the dvd form.

    on the button i have the following code

    Private Sub HireDVDButton_Click()

    Update dvd
    Set car.on_loan = True

    End Sub

    But it doesn't seem to set the on_loan field in the DVD table to true, which is what i want to do.

    Sorry if it's not clear what i want to do. I am just a beginner.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Access85!

    Look at "DemoYesNoFieldA2000.mdb". Open Form1 and try.
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    Wouldn't it be a better idea to have a LoanStartDate and LoanEndDate in the Loan table? A query to look at Loans with a LoanStartDate and no LoanEndDate tells you what is on loan. This also enables calculations for length of loan, overdue loans, most popular rental days etc...

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