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    Question Unanswered: Appending from XLS into a MEMO field

    I believe that this should be a relatively easy fix.
    I'm trying to append from an XLS file with one of the columns going into a memo field. When I try this, the Memo field keeps coming up empty. I didn't use the IMPORT command because I have the structure of the table exactly the way it is needed and I don't want to keep modifying it due to the import.


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    What type of database? dBase? Foxpro?
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    I'm trying to do the import into a FoxPro table. I can do it through the Import Wizard setting the field type to Memo. However, once the table gets created, I need to modify the structure to include additional fields. I tried to create the table in the format I need and then do the import, but VFP 7 APPEND FROM doesn't put the data into the MEMO field.

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