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    Unanswered: monTables

    What is mon Tables and it use?
    Can please give me one example of mon table?

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    MonTables are not created by default you have to execute installmontables script under scripts dir in ASE installation.These tables are used to get the server info like cache,lock management..


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    MDA or Monitor tables are the new post- optional feature. They are good, but they are ONE (of many) methods of getting performance and diagnostic info. RTFM before you install, they need a fair amount of labour to setup and bed down. Eg. they are very transient, to be of any reasonable use, you will have to create permanent tables and capture the Mon Table content. They incur 5 to 22% overhead, depending on the level of detail you capture, so be careful about how much detail you capture. Do NOT use them in production servers.

    Evaluate exactly what monitoring/diagnostic capability you really need and evaluate the alternatives that provide it.

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    Have a look at
    The downloadable Techwave presentations are also worth a visit and include info on which mon tables incur a higher penalty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekA
    Do NOT use them in production servers.
    I disagree with Derek on this one - I find that having the monitoring tables enabled on the production systems that I manage a great plus.

    Yes, there is some overhead, but from my perspective the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a wide margin.


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    I concur with Michael, we use Mon tables on all production instances all together 300+ without any issues. These systems range from high volume to medium and are absolutely valuaable for investigation as much as maintenance.

    The penatly depends on how much and how often do you flush data from MDA to your own repository. If you start collecting every damn thing, then the penalty is high. If you are smart and be slective in your filter, the capture is goldmine

    They are extremely easy to setup (imagine that coming from me, an ardent ASE critic). You can have everything up and running in a matter of just hours. Monsieur Rob has also made some fantastic tools available to make life even easier.

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