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    Unanswered: Extract DDL from IXF file

    I need to import/load an IXF file, but the table contains a column that is too long to be logged, which causes IMPORT to fail with

    "SQL3319N An SQL error "-355" occurred while creating the table"

    and I don't have the DDL for the target tablel, so I can't use the LOAD utility. Is there any way to extract the DDL from an IXF file?

    I've unsuccessfully tried the following approach suggested by another post from a couple of years ago.

    db2 "IMPORT FROM myfile.ixf OF IXF ROWCOUNT 1 CREATE INTO B" >> /dev/null
    db2look -d LISDEV -t B -e
    db2 "DROP TABLE B" >> /dev/null

    Any suggestions?

    DB2 V8.2 FixPak 10 on Windows 2003

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    I am not sure if this will work, but you might try using the ROWCOUNT 1 option on the IMPORT to only import the first row. If the first row LOB data is not too large for logging, then you may be OK.

    edit: Sorry, I did not see that you already tried to import only the first row.

    You might try a where clause to import some other row other than the first row to find one with a LOB less than 1GB. However, I thought that if you do not have your LOBs in a separate file (outside the IXF), then the data will be truncated at 32K.
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    it is not easy, but the ddl can be extracted
    see infocenter and search for pc/ixf record types
    this describes the records for an ixf file and check also in same chapter pc/ixf data types
    a simple editor could help to display the records and recreate the ddl if really needed.
    sample : C009ATTEST_ID NNY02R496
    c=record type-- 9 column name length -- ATTEST_ID column name -- N null - 02 position in primary key - 496 data type=integer........
    Hope this will help
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    Thanks Marcus A it your suggestion helped me a lot...

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