I have a tabbed form with several subforms on the tabs. The database is an IT problem management database. The first tab has the information for the Failed Component, the thing that originally broke and made everything else go haywire. The Failed Component tab has a subform named fsubFailedComponent with the name of the failed component. FsubFailedComponent contains fsubFCImpact which is a continuous form that has all of the start and end times times for the failed component.
The next tab is for the various User Facing Applicaitions that were impacted by the failure of the Failed Component. It can have several applications, several locations and within the locations several business units. It has a subform named fsubUserFacingApps which is pretty much like fsubFailedComponent. It has the name of the application and a subform, fsubUFAImpact, with the detail info. My boss wants me to add a button to fsubUFAImpact that a user can click which will copy and paste the start and end times from fsubFCImpact tab to fsubUFAImpact, but still make it editable in case the impact started later or ended earlier.